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Scooters & skateboards

Monday 3rd August, 2020

Dear %%first_name%%,

As of today, Monday 3rd August, 2020, we have made a decision as a school to ban scooters and skateboards on the school grounds. The reason for this is because of the safety concerns regarding the majority of students that have been riding scooters to school.

Unfortunately these students have repeatedly not listened to instructions from multiple adults in the school, on multiple occasions. We have received phone calls from the public about unsafe riding on the streets before and after school and several students have continually ridden their scooters through the busy carpark even though they are aware that the expectation is that they walk their scooters once on the property. Some students have not always worn helmets and not stopped to speak to adults when asked to do so.

There has only been a small numbers of students that ride their scooters to school regularly and it is unfortunate for those students who have done the right thing that this measure needs to be taken but ensuring the safety of our students and limiting the opportunity for a serious incident to occur are our main priorities.

Starting from today if students bring a skateboard or scooter on to the school property we will keep the scooter or skateboard at the office until it can be collected by the child’s parent or carer.

Bikes are still permitted and we remind students to always wear a helmet and to walk their bikes once on the school property.

Thanks for your ongoing support to help ensure the safety of all students at Montello.

Yours sincerely,

Denise Wotherspoon                                  Dion McCall
Principal                                                   Assistant Principal

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SRC Pyjama Day Friday 26th

The SRC have organised a fun Pyjama Day for students. P-6 will be held Friday. Kinder Pyjama Day is tomorrow THURSDAY 25th. 


June 18 Newsletter

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MPS Wear Your Beanie to School Day

This Friday 19th June students can wear their beanie to school to support Brain Cancer Research. Gold coin donation please.